Plaque Program

Each Memorial Day, the Bay Village Foundation hosts and annual public ceremony honoring those individuals, living or deceased, who have been remembered by friends and family.  In honor of these individuals, a bronze plaque with personalized text is engraved and installed on the T. Richard Martin footbridge overlooking Lake Erie in Cahoon Memorial Park.

The plaques are installed at the request of family , neighbors and friends who make a contribution to the Bay Village Foundation in the amount of $2,500.00 or more.  The Memorial Day Program is a beautiful outdoor ser vice featuring soloists and the String Ensemble of Bay High School.  The public is cordially invited to attend.

Contributions must be made, and wording agreed upon, no later than March 31 in order to allow time for the engraving of the plaque.

The Cahoon Memorial Park is located at 27600 Lake Road, Bay Village, Ohio and is open daily until 11p.m.

For more information please Contact us.

Plaque Recipients

Marie Ashmus, 2020
Herman and Joyce Bredenbeck, 2017
Russell Brill, 2018
Thomas and Barbara Brugh, 2023
James H. Cahoon, 2020
Dwight Clark, 2022
James H. Cowles, 2002
Carol Bryan Dillon, 2023
Del Donahoo, 2004
Frederick Francis Drenkhan, 2004
Gary A. Ebert, 2019
Harry J. Ebert, 2002
Pamela M. Ebert, 2022
Robert and Nancy Fleming, 2019
Bradley Howard Friedel, 2003
Jack and Estelle Green, 2022
Walter R. Groeger, 2008
The John Harknett Family, 2014
Hawthorne Family, 2017
Frank & Marge (Soper) Heldt, 2019
Joan Hirsh, 2012
Lisa J. Huhndorff, 2013
David Henry Jacobs, 2004
Tom Jelepis, 2011
Michael Kalstrom, 2021
Robert Kitzerow, 2010
Henry and Betty Laub, 2018
Jack Wesley Llewellyn, 2002
Larry and Carol Marsalek, 2022
Elizabeth Ross Martin, 2012
T. Richard Martin, 2004
Edward R. Matthews, 2017
Grace McGahan Matthews, 2003
John Matyas, 2014
Gerald and Joyce Maurer, 2018
Jack and Karen Norton, 2006
John and Alva O’Neill, 2009
Maryann O’Reilly, 2022
John Harrison Parker, 2002
Alan Paulus, 2020
James R. Potter, 2016
James C. Redinger, 2012
Wayne and Jeanne Reese, 2018
Henry and Helen Reese, 2015
Lela and Richard Schier, 2016
Ivan and Miriam Shepard, 2012
Dale A. Smith, 2002
Ruth and Bob Stromberg, 2003
Tom and Sandy Sullivan, 2011
Robert J. Thomas, 2017
Eileen Vernon, 2016
Thomas Allen Vernon, 2007
Wayne E. Wentz, 2002
Laurie Ann Wilder, 2003
Barb and Ian Woodburn, 2019
Young-Coulton-Kerka Family, 2022
John L. Yuhas, Sr., 2013
Jean and Julius Zajac, 2018